Not on Long Island, BUT IN NEW YORK STATE  

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Our primary goal is to SPOTLIGHT Long Island, then on to the rest of New York State. 

We will continue to have in depth descriptions of LI productions, however, due to time constrictions everything else will be just a listing to have you aware what is going on and if you are interested you can look further for info. Sorry about that, but we don’t have the time to do it all. ONLY LI productions will be listed on the Home pages for updates. The other productions will be found via internet search for a particular movie and/ or IMDb. Where productions are listed under Nassau and Suffolk, as a general rule they will not be listed in other parts of the site.

In addition, please be advised that all locations for shoots are where they are expected to shoot. Things change, so in some cases the days and locations may be off a little. We are trying to be of service to everyones interests but to accommodate everyone requires us to be brief but to be of help to the community as well. 



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